Windows 10 design and deployment strategies
SCCM installation and configurations 
Group Policy implementations

Professional IT consulting services

Windows 10
Trusted by System Administrators
Loved by Help Desk
Respected by Managers

Windows Administrative Tools

My Ping App
Easy to use
Multi Computer
Remote Administration Tool

Windows 10 Migration

Large or Small scale. Migration is not an easy task. We assess. Plan. Build. Tune. Test. Deploy/Migrate.

Infrastructure Optimization

Planning a Windows 10 migration? There are unique opportunities to optimize IT service support during your migration.

Asset Analysis

It is amazing how many IT projects start without knowing exactly whats out there. We can help with your asset management. 

Application Packaging 

We package for SCCM. Application virtualization. Universal app packaging. Windows Store for business connection.

Microsoft, 3rd party application Patching

Windows and 3rd party products patching strategies and patch deployment automation solutions.

Security and protection

Corporate data-loss prevention strategies. BitLocker management. Local Administrator membership solutions.

Professional SEO services

Migrations are not easy!

So is supporting existing infrastructure in ever-changing IT world! Veles Software is a Calgary based IT Consulting company with over ten years on the market. We provide a broad range of services focusing on Microsoft technologies. We also develop tools and utilities to help support clients of any size in very efficient and reliable way. We consult around the world!

Best-in-Class IT engineers

Save time and money

Rely on an experienced and knowledgeable team

Veles Software is proud Microsoft Partner!

My Ping App

My Ping App is used by many businesses and IT professionals around the world!


Run tasks. Execute scripts. Find information

All on multiple remote computers!

Secure and trusted

Developed with the best programming standards and practices. Signed with Comodo certificate. Trusted by Windows. 


No complicated steps that hard to remember. Only tools that are useful. In the right convenient place.

Remote Administration

Administer remote computers without interrupting users!

Nothing to configure

No clients to deploy. No servers to provision. 

Nothing to configure. Just start using!

Easy to use

Designed for everyone. Used not only by system administrators, but also DBA's, BA's, PM's, Asset Managers.

SCCM MPA Connector

My Ping App Connector is a free set of tools for SCCM. Designed to work with world leading computer management software.

Multi-computer Actions

Cycle one or all client actions. on multiple clients!

Ping Computers

Ping Computers with My Ping App and make use of all of the tools My Ping App has to offer to manage and support your infrastructure.


As well as all our software, this connector is designed to be most uncomplicated utility. No complicated steps that hard to remember. Only tools that are useful. In the right convenient place.

SCCM Client Health Check

Perform SCCM Client check on hundreds of computers and drive you client health to 100%!

Nothing to configure

Nothing to configure. Just start using!

Just Make Sure that you restart your SCCM console after the installation.

Easy to use

Great for task delegation. Routine daily and monthly checks.

and overall support of your SCCM environment.