My Workstation

Designed to help your users Save you Time and Money

MPA Tools


Designed to save a lot of time for your System Administrators


We are all about the modern approach to modern workforce device management

The modern ways to device stability

  • Reduce pricy helpdesk tickets by a scheduled computer restart
  • Bring end-points to compliance by notifying users that OS requires a restart
  • Quickest ways for users to find information such as a computer name to provide to help desk
  • Notify users that there could be an issue with the security components of OS, so that can notify the HelpDesk
  • Let users know that their Disk Space is running low and allow them to fix it
  • All components are customizable, you decide what end-users see and get alerted on
  • A new perspective on Server and Workstation support
  • Quickest ways for System Administration to troubleshoot computer issues
  • See a full picture from multiple sources AD, SCCM, Custom, AAD, Intune
  • Design with intelligence to focus Administrator on an issue
  • A truly modern approach to multi-computer infrastructures

Agent-less remote management application that will dramatically simplify IT administration

Company Bio

Veles Software develops modern device management applications, tools, and utilities for businesses to automate and improve compliance, increase productivity, minimize problem resolution time for your computing environment.

We develop innovative software that helps IT departments to increase operational efficiency, deliver cost savings and increase user productivity.

What makes us different is that we provide IT departments with a comprehensive technology solution that inexpensively makes a real difference and our collaborative approach also benefit you in the following ways.

Consulting — We help you select the Veles Software toolset that best meets your needs.

Services — We work alongside you to implement and effectively operate our applications in your environment.

Software Development — We leverage our understanding of modern device management to develop productivity software that actually reduces work and costs.

"My Workstation - Great small app that has proven to be most helpful!"

– Ali S

"MPA Tools really helped out the IT department be more efficient. Easy to use and has a great interface!"

– Raju K