Professional Windows Systems Administration Tools

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MPA ToolsMPA Tools

Powerful and simple to use tools for every day administration


Run tasks. Execute scripts. Find information. All on multiple remote computers!

Remote Administration

Administer remote computers without interrupting users!

Easy to use

Designed for everyone. Used not only by system administrators, but also DBA's, BA's, PM's, Asset Managers.

Complete Solution

Automate repetitive administration tasks. Create solutions that work for you. Share with the team members.

No Clients

No clients to deploy. No servers to provision. Nothing to configure. Just start using!

For Everyone

Enabling platform that is powerful enough for IT but intuitive for business users

SCCM MPA Connector

SCCM MPA Connector is a free set of tools for SCCM. Designed to work with world-leading computer management software.

Multi-Computer Actions

Cycle one or all client actions. Repair clients. Change client cache. All on multiple computers.

Multi-Point Client-Health

Perform a quick and deep analysis on SCCM Clients. Check core service and health of core components.

Useful and informative 

Get all the information about collections and clients. Such as deployments, maintenance windows, power settings, etc.


Works on multiple collections and / or multiple clients without restarting the tools. 

Nothing to configure

There is nothing you need to configure, change or adjust in your SCCM environment for this tool to work.

Easy to Use

You don't have to be SCCM PFE to be able to use this app. Designed to be very simple and useful.