MPA Tools

Installation Guide

Note: MPA Tools is signed with Comodo EV Code Signing certificate, which is the highest type of code signing certificate that is fully trusted by All major Operating Systems and Anti-Virus Software, including Microsoft Defender SmartScreen.

MPA Tools has the highest security standards.

MPA Tools is used by Enterprises around the world and it is a production-ready application that you can start using right after installation.

No remote clients or infrastructure needed

Automatically connects to your infrastructure components, such as AD, SCCM, Azure AD, Intune, etc

Can be used by IT administrators of any experience level

Improve Productivity and visibility

Absolutely Inexpensive

Secure and Trusted

To download the MPA Tools software, kindly navigate to the following link.

Double-Click on the MSI to start the installation

MPA Tools Installation Guide

Click on Next to continue the installation.

MPA Tools Installation Guide

Accept the software license agreement as shown below and Click on “Next”.

MPA Tools Installation Guide

Browse to your desired location (folder) where you would want the MPA Tools installed and Click Next

MPA Tools Installation Guide

On the “Ready to install MPA Tools”, click on install as shown below. This will ensure the MPA-Tools are installed.

MPA Tools Installation Guide

You will be required to accept the User Account Control as shown below

Review Verified Publisher and Click YES

Access Control

Note: The installation process is very fast. Click on the “Finish” button to exit the setup window as shown below.

To access the MPA Tools, click on your Windows Start button and navigate to the MPA Tools as shown be

Launch the MPA tool by clicking on it.

Note: This MPA-Tools requires.NetFramework version 4.8, if you currently do not have this, you will be prompted to download it. Click on to continue with the download process. This setup can be downloaded from this link.

You may have to restart your system after installing Microsoft .NetFramework version 4.8.