MPA Tools is signed with Comodo EV Code Signing certificate, which is the highest type of code signing certificate that All major Operating Systems and Anti-Virus Software, including Microsoft Defender SmartScreen, fully trust.

Minimal requirements: 

  1. Windows 10 / Windows server 2016 
  2. At least 1 GB of RAM
  3. Space on a disk 20 Mb
  4. .Net 4.8 link

1. Download MPA Tools here

The download button is a direct link to the MSI file. There is no need to sign up to download the application or activate a trial. The installation file is signed with a Veles Software code signing certificate. Note: the MPA Tools application does not write or store any data in a local registry.

2. Installing MPA Tools

To install the MPA Tools simply double-click on the installation file. The application can be installed on a workstation or a server operating system.

3. Accept the UELA

The End-User License Agreement can be found here

4. Choose the installation folder

Note that if you choose to install to the Program Files folder by default you would need local administrator rights to complete the installation.

5. Install

Proceed with the installation by clicking on the “Install” button.

6. Accept User Account Control

If required accept the UAC. Here you can also see that the package belongs to a verified publisher: Veles Software, additionally you can click on “Show more details” to view the details of the package and the developer.

7. Finishing the Installation

MPA Tools is only a few megabytes so the installation is very quick. No additional installations, clients or agents required in order to start using MPA Tools.

Optional step. Verify that installation is completed

After installation, you can navigate to the installation folder and verify the MPA Tools executable’s identity by reviewing the file’s signature.

8. Starting the MPA Tools

MPA Tools can be started from the start menu or the installation directory.

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