MPA Tools MPA Tools 

Easy-to-use Professional Multi-Computer Remote Administration Tool. MPA Tools simplifies and improves IT administration tasks and minimizes problem resolution time for IT professionals of any level. This application is easy to install without additional configurations or maintenance of agents/clients on remote computers. This simple application provides powerful tools to help IT Professionals to manage IT infrastructure in more efficient and reliable ways.

Automate Routine Admin Tasks

Create your sequence of actions and run them on multiple remote computers 
  • Get any computer properties on multiple computer for reporting and troubleshooting
  • Run remote scripts and get the output back
  • Copy, Delete, Rename files or folders on multiple computers
  • Stop, Start, Cycle services or kill processes
  • View installed Application on remote computers
  • Uninstall an app from multiple computers
  • Run Multiple WMI queries on multiple computers and join date in one report
  • Restart or shutdown multiple computers and wait for them to come up to start another actions
  • Get AD Computer object information or perform an action such as Delete or Move
  • Log out multiple users from computers
  • Run GPUpdate on multiple remote computers
  • Unlimited possibilities with action sequencer 
  • And all this on multiple remote computers!


All tasks can be ran on one or multiple computers. You can save your sequences and share it with your team.

Remote Administration

Behind-the-scenes systems management on remote computers. 

Save time

Save time by automating you routine tasks. Control how you execute you actions.

Unlimited possibilities

Your can sequence the actions the way you like it to get the results you need.

Manage computers

Support your end devices in most efficient way
  • Remote Desktop with ability to see who's logged-in and sharing sessions
  • Open Computer Manager for remote computer
  • Open Remote Registry and Remote CMD
  • View Computer Change History
  • View Installed Apps and Updates
  • Get Startup Apps and Scheduled Tasks
  • Reboot or Shutdown remote computer and get reboot history
  • Get TreeSize like view 'File Tree' on any remote disks
  • Get all network adapters and view connection status
  • Get Connected Monitors
  • View User Profiles and User logon History
  • Quickly open remote folders
  • Run GPUpdate on remote computer
  • Configure you own buttons with custom scripts


All the admin tools right at your fingertips. Everything you need is there. And if not, then you can configure your own buttons.

Change History

Find out exactly what happened to a computer. What was installed or configured. Get reboot and logon history.


File Tree

Quickly Troubleshoot disk space issues.

Logged-in Users

You can quickly check who is logged-on to the computer. Log off a user or share a session.

PSExec can also be used with MPA Tools. Just download PSExec separately, accept the EULA and place it into installation folder of MPA Tools.