Minimize Help Desk Calls and End-User Downtime

My WorkstationEliminate Routine Support Callsand Free Up Your IT Team

Imagine a workday without interruptions—no constant barrage of easily fixable IT issues, no relentless support tickets taking up your time, and, most importantly, no frustrated end-users. Sounds like a dream?

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User-friendly Access to Computer Information

From the Computer Name to the Serial Number, it is all there. explore

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Schedule Computer Restart Notifications

Easily Prompt Users for Regular and Pending Computer Restarts. explore

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Early Warning System for Hardware Component Failures

Minimize end-user downtime by proactively notifying them of a coming failure. explore

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Optimize Workstation Reliability and Performance

Alert users if they running out of disk space or their computers are overheating. explore


Zero to ProductiveMy Workstation's Immediate Launch

My Workstation” prioritizes user experience right from the start with its effortless onboarding process. A straightforward installation from the MS Store or management platforms like Intune means you’re up and running in no time.

No complicated setups or lengthy tutorials; just install and immediately benefit from its features. This quick launch capability ensures that your team can start leveraging “My Workstation” almost instantly, saving both time and resources.

My Workstation ROI

Improve self-support for end-users

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