PREVENT many Level One support calls

Designed to increase self-support and highlight issues before they escalate

End-users are alerted when Help Desk Resolution is required

Veles Software Product offerings

Minimize calls to the Help Desk and end-user downtime

Improve support and increase device health with one simple app

+Effective – User-friendly and cost-effective application designed to provide quick access to computer information, perform proactive health checks, and provide notifications when there’s an issue.

+Efficiency – Immediate launch with zero footprint. My Workstation offers a streamlined, simple setup.

+Support – An innovative application for end-users to increase self-support, reduce unnecessary Help Desk requests and prevent computer failures.

Improves self-support

Preventative computer health checks

Easy access to computer information

Regular user notifications to reduce failures

Custom notifications for end-users

Easy onboarding, immediate launch

My Workstation

Everything you need to find information about the status of your workstation quickly.

The fastest way for users to look up simple things like a Workstation name, serial number, and much more.

A contemporary application that not only presents all essential information but also alerts you in case of any attention-required matter.

End-user Notifications

A significant number of users are neglecting their workstations, particularly with the increasingly mobile workforce. After finishing their work, most users shut their laptops without paying attention. Some even leave their devices running for extended periods, stretching up to several months.

Notifying users about the requirement for a system restart, updates, or disk space depletion is paramount. It saves time, calls to the Help Desk, and prevents potential downtime!

Windows 10 Toast Notification Script: Device Requires a restart

Live Tile Updates

In the modern world of device management, the traditional practice of naming computers is gradually becoming obsolete—no more labels or stickers on devices. Users need a quick way to look up the computer name and other details when they call for support. 

My Workstation is the only app that adds the computer name and the health status to a Live Tile for users to quickly look it up without even opening the application.

Get up and running instantly

My Workstation provides an almost instant ROI and continues to provide savings for years to come!

Our mission at Veles Software is to make our clients’ lives simpler. One of our many clients, Sean Ashlee, Director, Information Services for Steel Reef Infrastructure Corp., in Canada, loves how My Workstation has made his and his team members and fellow employees workday easier and more productive.

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What our clients SAY LOVE FEEL About My Workstation

"My Workstation improves the effectiveness of notifications, so people know when to take action. They are persistent, not popping up once and then going away. It also provides a dashboard view so users who may not even know where to begin to look doesn't have to search, important support information is right at their fingertips.""

– Sean Ashley, Director IT Services

"My Workstation is a valuable part of enabling our workforce to be self-supported. We want to promote the effective use of our software tools and equipment, which includes awareness of the system's health"


– Ali Sosua, Manager of Helpdesk

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