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It’s just going to happen…

What’s next? Your user calls your already busy Service Desk of course and this call typically costs $32.00 our research shows to resolve this simple, Level One ticket.

So in an environment where your Service Desk is averaging 3000 calls a month, it’s costing your business $96000.00!

And that’s just one month. Let’s do the math and see what that costs over 12 months… in fact, let’s not.

Now, we all know that a simple reboot resolves these issues much of the time. Industry research indicates reboots do it 40% of the time – great news.

Surely there’s a more cost-effective method to deal with these, simple to resolve Level One tickets, right, rather than have your user call or ticket you and you talk them through it? Saving your business $38400.00 per month!

They might be simple to fix, but your user doesn’t know that, and getting their PC back and working is a PRIORITY.


My Workstation is an elegant tool that performs many of the functions that PREVENT many Level One calls. These tools are designed to ensure that already busy IT professionals are focused on more challenging issues rather than crashes, reboots, low disk space, etc…

My Workstation monitors computers and automatically tells the users to perform these simple reboots and stops many of these Level One type tickets from hitting your Service Desk.

Key benefits

    • Dramatically reduce pricy helpdesk tickets by a scheduled computer restart
    • Bring end-points to compliance by notifying users that OS requires a restart
    • Quickest ways for users to find information such as a computer name to provide to help desk
    • Notify users that there could be an issue with the security components of OS, so that can notify the HelpDesk
    • Let users know that their Disk Space is running low and allow them to fix it
    • All components are customizable, you decide what end-users see and get alerted on

Quick Access to Computer Information

Accessing information such as computer name is not very intuitive for a user, and when the help-desk asking to provide this information there is nothing faster than My Workstation.

The application provides much-needed information nicely and even has a computer name right in the live tile.

Regular Restart Notifications

Study shows that 40% of the helpdesk tickets are resolved by a simple reboot.

Gently, but persistently notifying a user to fully restart a computer on a regular basis will help dramatically reduce the number of calls to a helpdesk.

Alerting user when Device needs attention

 In the modern, mobile workforce, we don’t get maintenance windows on client machines. And often there is no monitoring of the devices.

My Workstation monitors computer components such as disk space and alerts user when action needs to be taken. It also provides access to quick tools such as Store Sense to quickly give users the ability to fix and issue them selfs.


My Workstation is highly customizable and can be controlled through registry settings.

For example, if you only want users to see the Computer name, Serial number, and restart information, but do not users to view Protection status or maybe a current Power Plan, all that can be adjusted.


OS Requires a restart

Whenever you install software, updates, or make configuration changes, it’s common for Windows to need a reboot. When the reboot is pending, installation of other applications or updates or even OS configurations may not apply, until users fully restart the computer. It is not intuitive for users if they need to restart a computer after they made a change. 

My workstation notifies the user if there is a restart is pending for the Operating system and also provides a quick reason as to what component is asking for a restart. 

Full device status in a Live Tile

My Workstation is designed to bring users’ attention to a device if something is not right.

Windows Live Tile and timely Toast notification are always there to help users see if their workstations are running smoothly or they need attention.

My Workstation highlights

Windows Notification

Users for the most part not paying attention to their workstations, and with the growing mobile workforce, the majority of users just close the lid of their laptop when they are done working or may not even do that and keep it running for days and sometimes hundreds of days.

Nowadays it is absolutely important to notify users about OS needed a restart or an update or if the disk running out of space.

Live Tile Updates

In the modern device management world, we are not naming computers as we used to, we also steering toward Autopilot/ at home provisioning of any type of device. With that, we don’t rely on the users to remember their computer name or even look it up on the sticker that we don’t attach anymore. 

My Workstation is the only app that adds the Computer name and the health status to a Live Tile for users to quickly look it up, without even opening the application.

My Workstation

Everything you need to quickly find information and the status of your workstation.

The fastest way for user to look up simple things like a Computer Name, serial number and more.

It’s time to stop using BGInfo and start using modern application that will provide you with all the necessary information and will notify is something needs attention.


"Great small app that has proven to be most helpful!"

– Ali S

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