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MPA Tools simplifies and improves IT administration tasks and minimizes problem resolution time for HelpDesk and System Administrators. Modern Device Management and remote administration toolkit help IT Professionals manage their infrastructure in more efficient and reliable ways.

Multi-Computer Device Management

Remote Administration

Task Automation

Task Automation

Manage Devices from Active Directory


Manage Devices from SCCM

Manage Devices from Intune

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Advanced Troubleshooting

Complete Reporting

We Connected Infrastructure Tools

A Modern Device Management application works with multiple infrastructure tools to provide consistent and efficient device management. It is infused with Intelligence to bring issues to administrator attention.

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Modern Device Management & Troubleshooting

Designed to provide all the necessary information about remote computers for efficient troubleshooting and management.

Multi Computer Device Management
  • Continuously Ping Multiple Computers
  • Easily see when computers are rebooting
  • Ping Computers with information about their OS, OU, DNS, etc.
  • Manage Computers directly from Active Directory
  • Scan IP range to find computers
  • Create and save your  list of computers
  • Share computer lists with your teammates 


Behind-the-scenes remote administration
  • All the tools Help-Desk or Sysadmins need to troubleshoot issues faster
  • Configure your own buttons for quick access to the custom tools
  • View vital information about remote computer
  • Quickly access resources on the remote computer
  • Remote desktop to the remote computer and shadow logged-on user’ session
  • View Change History on the remote computer to quickly identify potential issues
  • View reboot statistics and pending actions


Modern Support and Troubleshooting
  • Review state of the disks and devices
  • Get Installed Applications, exactly as they are in add/remove programs
  • Get available and installed updates
  • View Configured OS features
  • View installed devices
  • Alter when OS is not activated
  • Quickly find LAPS password
  • Find Bitlocker Keys
  • See if system disk is Bitlocker protected
  • Uninstall applications
  • Kill Running processes
  • View and remove Startup applications
  • View and delete recurring tasks
  • Quickly see the state of Antivirus and the last time it was updated
  • Remote Desktop with the ability to see who’s logged-in and sharing sessions
  • Open Computer Manager for remote computer
  • Open Remote Registry and Remote CMD
  • View Computer Change History
  • Get TreeSize like view ‘File Tree’ on any remote disks
  • Get all network adapters and view connection status
  • Get Connected Monitors
  • View User Profiles and User logon History
  • Quickly open remote folders
  • Run GPUpdate on a remote computer
  • Configure your own buttons with custom scripts

Task Automation

Automate IT tasks and run them on hundreds of computers. Design your own health-checks and share them with your team. Perform logical steps that fit your support design.

Automate Routine Administration Tasks

Stop services, copy files, restart computers. One of the hundreds of examples of simple tasks that any sysadmin performs daily. MPA Tools have over 30 action sets that allow IT, administrators, to create sequences for any routine scenario. Easily automate tasks and create single-action tools that complete complex workflows all from within the console, saving hundreds of hours and reducing the risk of human error.

Create Custom Health Checks

MPA Tools help IT Administrators become pro-active in supporting their desktop or server environments. With custom health checks, Sysadmins can check hundreds of servers after patching or schedule rebooting, etc. With custom health check you can check if all or any patches were installed, no active sessions, computers were rebooted, all automatic services are running and system drive has sufficient disk space. And this is just one scenario our of hundreds.

Create Complete Reports

Create a customized report from any data source. You can combine information collected from custom scripts, registry, wmi , sccm, intune into one view. Very easy to use!

SCCM Client and Collection management

Work with SCCM Clients right from the console. Manage and troubleshoot SCCM Client issues.

Troubleshoot client issues

Easily view SCCM Client properties and review client activity. Quickly detect client issues and recognize stale or inactive clients. Review Collection membership and troubleshoot content flow.

Design Client Checks

Cycle clients actions

View hardware inventory

Repair SCCM Client

Open Client log on multiple computers to quickly compare and troubleshoot

Install and uninstall clients

Create SCCM Restart

Work with Hundreds of clients as the same time

Compare Collection membership on multiple computers

Create Hardware Inventory reports 

Easily compare site configurations on multiple computers

Intune Device Management

Manage devices directly from Azure AD. Easily run Intune tasks and hundreds of clients. Compare device configurations for faster troubleshooting.

Run Device actions

Run Intune device actions on multiple computers

View device compliance state and compare to other computers

Flexible settings configurations for workstations and servers

Troubleshoot device issues

Easily troubleshoot device issues and errors by reviewing device properties and comparing them to similar devices.


Design custom action sequences and reports


What People Are Saying

Unique, easy to use, and simply most helpful tool to support desktops and servers. MPA Tools helps us with all our operations.

Scott Sangret

IT Deskside Technical Teamlead

The application MPA Tools allows me an easy way to look at systems or multiple systems at one time for troubleshooting issues.  The ease and multiple tools that are quickly available save time in finding and resolving issues on a day to day basis.  Overall an excellent tool for any specialist that works with computers.

David Belkie

Manager, Deskside

MPA Tools really helped out the IT department be more efficient. Easy to use and a great interface!

Raju Korotana

Manager, Information Technology

Great tool and works great, helps us a lot with our daily tasks. The team loves it!



Ada Leonard

IT Infrastructure manager