Endpoint Management and Troubleshooting Software

Simplify and improve IT administration tasks and minimize problem resolution time for HelpDesk and System Administrators.

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All-in-one solution for IT Professionals

Manage multi-computer environments and diverse infrastructures with one tool.

+ Effectiveness — All-in-one cost-effective tool to drive IT efficiency, modernize IT management, automate systems management and increase your bottom line.

+ Efficiency  — Workflow automation and all your admin tools in one place. All the critical information Systems Administrators need every day, in one window.

 + Support — Automated Systems Management so you can accomplish what you need to! Designed to work with Computers in Cloud and on-premises.

Manage Windows Workstations and Servers

Starting point for issue any troubleshooting

Automate repetitive workflows

Manage devices in SCCM and Intune

No agents or clients on remote computers

No back-end infrastructure required

Start working with MPA Tools in minutes

Minimal learning period

Designed for IT pros of any professional level

Easy reporting from multiple data sources

One Console, Big Picture

Intelligent Remote Management

Simplify IT Admin tasks  + reduce issue resolution time

A cost-effective and easy-to-use software tool with a small footprint, MPA Tools Is:

+Easy to Use – simple onboarding, immediate launch, faster navigation

+ Intelligent – modern device management application works with multiple infrastructure tools to provide consistent and efficient device management

+Cost Effective – only one tool required instead of several to solve issues

Transform computer management, troubleshooting, and support

Almost every environment is challenged with missing patches, configurational inconsistencies, and broken clients or agents. Finding and resolving such issues, especially when a device is managed by multiple infrastructure tools such as Intune and SCCM, is nearly impossible.

MPA Tools is designed to find workstation and server issues and vulnerabilities and offers the right tools to fix them quickly.

Multi-Computer Remote Administration
  • Administer multiple computers side by side
  • Easily compare configurations and states on multiple computers
  • With two clicks, create and work with custom computers lists
  • Work directly in AD, SCCM, and Intune hierarchies
  • Scan IP Ranges for devices
Complete Task Automation
  • Create and automate routine tasks 
  • Run scripts and queries
  • Restart multiple computers 
  • Create and perform custom health checks
  • Deploy software installations 
Intelligent troubleshooting
  • MPA Tools highlights computer issues and predictive failures
  • Entire health state, including pending reboot, last restart, and AV
  • Quickly view BitLocker state with recovery password
  • View applied Group Policy settings and values
  • Manage and rotate LAPS passwords
Easy Reporting
  • In a few clicks, create your custom report from multiple sources:
    • Active Directory and AAD
    • SCCM Hardware inventory
    • Multi WMI queries
    • Installed Apps and updates
Work with devices in Azure AD and Intune
  • Quick overview of device states in AAD and Intune
  • Run Intune actions
  • View and easily resolve issues with Configuration Profiles
  • Review Autopilot information, when built, and which profile used
  • All endpoint analytics and states are in one place
Support and manage SCCM clients
  • Trigger application and package installation
  • Run Client actions
  • Verify baseline statuses
  • Reset, Install and uninstall the SCCM client
  • Work with SCCM Logs on multiple computers
Big Picture: data streams from multiple sources
  • Work with Domain, Hybrid AD, and AAD joined devices
  • View configured workloads in a co-management environment
  • Prepare workstations for cloud management
  • Troubleshoot and manage windows update sources
  • Visually identify how a computer is being managed
Active Directory computer management
  • Quickly view the computer’s OS version and OU
  • When a computer joined AD and last time changed its password
  • Report on computer AD description or set your own
  • Disable, enable and remove computers objects from AD
  • Move multiple computers objects from one OU to another

Get up and running instantly

MPA Tools provides an almost instant ROI and continues to provide savings for years to come!

What our clients SAY LOVE FEEL About MPA Tools

"I'm amazed at how often I use MPA Tools. What I love the most about it is that all the information I need is at my fingertips in one tool and one window. It's a great systems management tool that has the combined functionality of several tools all in one place. "

– Rashid Almaktary, Supervisor IT Services

"From a device management point of view, the biggest problem MPA Tools solves for me is the ad hoc reporting it provides. I'm able to query both the SCCM database and online machines simultaneously. I receive all the information I need very quickly instead of having to set up a proper SSRS report, which usually takes days to configure."

– Gav Johnston, Endpoint Management Specialist

"One of the biggest problems MPA Tools solves for me is the ability to remotely install software. In my role, I need to identify and replace older computers which need to have their operating system updated. With MPA Tools, I can easily see what the OS is. It also allows me to see all the user profiles. I'm able to see when someone is running out of disk space. "

– James Mathias, Technology Integration Specialist,

Washington and Lee University

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