About us

Veles Software was founded in 2008 by an experienced infrastructure solutions architect with many years in the field and deep expertise.

Our business focuses on delivering exceptional professional applications for end-users and IT Professionals.

We are based in Calgary, Alberta, and our large client base covers the globe. We work with many businesses and organizations to support their end users while increasing productivity and efficiency, leading to a healthier bottom line.

Veles Software Product offerings

Our solutions

All Veles Software solutions are developed by our highly experienced IT Professionals.

We offer intelligent and innovative software solutions allowing end-users to locate the information they need and IT administrators to quickly resolve computer issues.

Our goal is to make our client’s lives easier.

Veles Software creates products that help to make IT departments more efficient, reduce complexity, and to provide support designed specifically for troubleshooting to decrease help desk resolution time.

We consistently evolve our products based on our client’s feedback.

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What our clients SAY LOVE FEEL About our solutions

"My Workstation - Great small app that has proven to be most helpful!"


– Ali Sosua, Manager of Helpdesk

"MPA Tools really helped out the IT department be more efficient. Easy to use and has a great interface!"

– Raju Korotana, Directory of IT Services