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At Veles Software, we envision technology as a catalyst for improving people’s lives, and we innovate to redefine how IT can shape the future of work

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Pioneering management of the digital employee experience

Fostering favorable work environments has gained paramount significance. In the era of hybrid and remote work, IT has evolved from a cost center into a pivotal strategic force driving business success and enhancing productivity. Our integrated approach merges advanced remediation, stringent security, and compliance with comprehensive endpoint support, service desk automation, and holistic system oversight, effectively empowering IT teams. Veles Software Solutions elevates employee experiences by reducing expenses, enhancing security, and minimizing operational hindrances.

Meet Veles Software Founder, Andrei Arapov

Andrei Arapov, a seasoned infrastructure solutions architect, founded Veles Software in 2008, leveraging his extensive expertise. Based in Calgary, Alberta, our global presence enables us to partner with diverse businesses and organizations. Our mission is to empower end-users, boost productivity, and drive financial success.


Veles Software's inception


Welcoming our very first client into the Veles family


First IT Utility (My Admin Tools) developed

This tool was originally created for in-house use, aimed at streamlining Windows Server patching and support for greater efficiency.


My Ping App released to public

The My Ping App marked a significant milestone as the inaugural application crafted for public use, derived from a collection of administrative utilities initially designed for internal purposes.


SCCM Connector released

The SCCM Connector stood as an independent application designed to enhance ConfigMgr client and site-systems  support for Administrators.


The SCCM Connector was integrated into MPA Tools

The seamless integration of the SCCM Connector into MPA Tools marked a pivotal moment in the evolution of our software suite. This consolidation not only expanded the capabilities of MPA Tools but also enhanced the overall user experience.


The dawn of 'My Workstation,' our second groundbreaking application

My Workstation is our second application, with distinction, serving numerous businesses ranging from small enterprises to large corporations. We were designed with the aim of promoting self-support and proactively identifying issues to prevent escalation.


MPA Tools' seamless fusion with Intune

MPA Tools has evolved to provide a fully integrated and comprehensive connection to Intune, further enhancing its capabilities as a robust management and support solution for your IT environment.


MPA Tools has incorporated an OpenAI back-end (2023 Fall release)

MPA Tools has significantly advanced its capabilities with the seamless integration of an OpenAI back-end. This integration ushers in a new era of enhanced functionality, offering intelligent insights and automation that empower IT professionals to work more efficiently. 

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“My Workstation is a valuable part of enabling our workforce to be self-supported. We want to promote the effective use of our software tools and equipment, which includes awareness of the system’s health.”

Ali Sosua
Help Desk, Manager

MPA Tools Review by SoftwareSuggest.com. We live in a digitalized world, making it imperative for organizations to invest in the right technologies that enable remote administration of multiple devices. As organizations transition towards flexible work arrangements, it…Continue Reading


MPA Tools Review by Finances Online MPA Tools Collects three Quality Certificates for IT Management Software from Esteemed Platform for Software Reviews We are pleased to announce that MPA Tools was recently honored with three quality certificates for providing an outstanding… Continue Reading


“One of the biggest problems MPA Tools solves for me is the ability to remotely install software. In my role, I need to identify and replace older computers which need to have their operating system updated. With MPA Tools, I can easily see what the OS is. It also allows me to see all the user profiles. I’m able to see when someone is running out of disk space. ” Continue Reading

James Mathias
Technology Integration Specialist

“Best IT admin app that helps solve issues and keep Workstation environment in the best shape.”

“Our team has been able to have full patch compliance for all endpoints.”

Continue Reading


“From a device management point of view, the biggest problem MPA Tools solves for me is the ad hoc reporting it provides. I’m able to query both the SCCM database and online machines simultaneously. I receive all the information I need very quickly instead of having to set up a proper SSRS report, which usually takes days to configure.” Continue Reading

Gav Johnston
Endpoint Management Specialist

“I’m amazed at how often we use MPA Tools. What I love the most about it is that all the information I need is at my fingertips in one tool and one window. It’s a great systems management tool that has the combined functionality of several tools all in one place. ” Continue Reading

Rashid Almaktary
Supervisor, IT Infrastructure Services

“My Workstation has proven valuable because we’re driving towards more self-support in our workforce. We want to see more effective use of our equipment, which includes awareness of the system’s health. ” Continue Reading

Sean Ashlee
Director, Information Services

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