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SCCM Connector

SCCM Tools for Administrators and more!

SCCM Connector

Create your own SCCM Client health checks

Generate reports on the fly without SQL queries

Work on multiple computers in parallel

Quickly solve issues with app deployments

Run client actions on one or multiple computers

Open Client logs that you actually need

Repair SCCM clients with one click

All tools the Administrator needs to find and fix client issues

"From a device management point of view, the biggest problem MPA Tools solves for me is the ad hoc reporting it provides. I'm able to query both the SCCM database and online machines simultaneously. I receive all the information I need very quickly instead of having to set up a proper SSRS report, which usually takes days to configure."

– Gav Johnston, Endpoint Management Specialist

SCCM Connector

• Manage and troubleshoot multiple SCCM Clients at the same time

• Complete control over SCCM Client management

• All Tools that the Administrator needs to manage and maintain a healthy SCCM client base

Powerful SCCM Client management tools


MPA Tools SCCM Connector is a powerful addition to the Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager (MECM or SCCM) suite. It provides a wide variety of useful features, making it easier for administrators to manage their systems.

Right-click tools alternative


One of the key features of the SCCM Connector is the ability to add custom actions to the SCCM console. This allows administrators to quickly perform tasks such as initiating remote control, restarting a computer, or running a script. This can save a lot of time and make it easier to manage a large number of systems.

Flexible and fast


Another useful feature of MPA Tools SCCM Connector is the ability to automate virtually any admin tasks and create multiple tailored SCCM Client health checks. This can be used to perform tasks such as software updates, backups, and system cleanup. Automating these tasks can help to ensure that systems are kept up-to-date and running smoothly.

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