My Workstation

“My Workstation is a valuable part of enabling our workforce to be self-supported. We want to promote the effective use of our software tools and equipment, which includes awareness of the system’s health. Our end users need to be aware of any issues affecting their productivity, whether system updates, patches, or needing to proactively reboot. There could be a problem with the hardware they are unaware of, so My Workstation puts that front and center for them in the same place as routine reboot reminders. The increased awareness allows our users to maintain optimal system performance and plan for system reboots and updates that work with their schedule avoiding unexpected downtime. My Workstation helps everyone be responsible for the health of their own systems, reducing unnecessary calls to the Service Desk.

My Workstation improves the effectiveness of notifications so people know when to take action. They are persistent, not popping up once and then going away. It also provides a dashboard view so users who may not even know where to begin to look don’t have to search; important support information is right at their fingertips.”

Sean Ashlee | Director, Information Services
Steel Reef Infrastructure Corp., Calgary, AB

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