Level One Support calls often handle the same repetitive issues: computer restarts, software updates, and basic troubleshooting such as disk space issues. These ‘minor’ issues, however, take up ‘major’ time and resources, pulling your IT staff away from more critical tasks. What if you could automate this process and let your team focus on what truly matters?

Each support ticket costs about $40 these days. It adds up, doesn’t it? Imagine cutting those calls by half—or more! With “My Workstation,” not only do you reduce disruptions, but you also save significantly on IT costs.

Advancing IT Support Solutions Worldwide


How does the free trial work?

Initiating your trial with My Workstation is a breeze. You can either download the application straight from the MS Store or opt for a streamlined store package through a management platform like Intune. Once My Workstation is set up on your desktop, the trial starts automatically.

How does the license work?

My Workstation is activated through a license key, which can accommodate multiple activations, creating what’s known as an ‘activation pool.’ When a workstation is deactivated, its activation goes back into this pool.

You have the flexibility to activate the software either manually on each individual computer or automatically using Group Policies or Intune Scripts.

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