MPA Tools

“I’m amazed at how often I use MPA Tools. What I love the most about
it is that all the information I need is at my fingertips in one tool
and one window. It’s a great systems management tool that has combined
the functionality of several tools all in one place. It allows technical
people like me to do what needs to be done without going back and
forth between several tools. It simplifies our jobs and is easy to

When I want information about any computer/server in my environment,
with one click, it gives me everything I need about that system,
including whether the software is up to date or the hardware needs
attention. I can quickly look at system events and see what is going

Before switching to MPA Tools, I would need to go from one tool to
another to check if my servers are up to date. Now all the information
I need is in one place. One of the other aspects I like is that we don’t like to bring
unneeded tools to our environment. MPA Tools does a lot of system
admin tasks and has no footprint, so it works really great for us.”


Rashid Almaktary. Supervisor, IT Infrastructure Services. Gibson
Energy, Calgary, AB

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