MPA Tools

“One of the biggest problems MPA Tools solves for me is the ability to remotely install software. In my role, I need to identify and replace older computers that need to update their operating system.

With MPA Tools, I can easily see what the OS is. It also allows me to see all the user profiles. I’m able to see when someone is running out of disk space.
The best thing about MPA Tools is the ability to pull information from your active directory computer objects and then tie it into SCCM for comparison, to see the complete picture. I don’t use the SCCM connector as much, but it is set up so that if the computer’s not online, it will at least pull it from SCCM. The main reason I like it is to be able to access information about the computer and use that for my purposes.

One of the best aspects of MPA Tools is that I have all the tools I need, and I can easily push the software to multiple computers simultaneously. That is a great help!
It also makes it simpler and easier to gather statistics and inventories so that I have a large overview of the entire campus.

MPA Tools is able to provide intelligent information about individual computers. I may not always need it, but it’s right there, and most importantly, it makes me pay attention to things that are not working or failing, and we don’t even know about it.”


James Mathias, Technology Integration Specialist – MPA Tools
Washington and Lee University

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