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How to Create Custom SCCM Report – No Scripting Required

How to Create Custom SCCM Report – No Scripting Required

No Scripting How to Custom #SCCM ReportsTo download the MPA Tools software, kindly navigate to the following link. Did you know you can create custom device reports in MPA Tools without any knowledge of SQL or PowerShell scripting? This is probably the easiest way to create an SCCM Hardware Inventory report for multiple computer and export it out to excel and easily create Power BI or Pivot tables. The process is very simple. First, select and PING / DISPLAY one or multiple computers. Go to...


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Overall: Very happy with this tool. Have been using it in a daily basis for the last 4-6 years. Getting systems info and logs and force patches installed remotely. Very good tool to have .
Pros: – Very intuitive and easy to use. It allow to do tedious repetitive tasks with one click – Powerful power-shell and script integration – Constants new enhancements and features with new versions
Rashid A

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Overall: Everything related to client computers in our network
Pros: Integration with SCCM, the fact that it has everything I need access to all in one console, they thought of everything, it was clearly designed by sysadmins. Seriously I love love love this software on the way to buy it now for my team!
David M

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