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How to Custom #SCCM Reports

Improve Productivity and visibility with #MPATools

To download the MPA Tools software, kindly navigate to the following link.

Did you know you can create custom device reports in MPA Tools without any knowledge of SQL or PowerShell scripting? This is probably the easiest way to create an SCCM Hardware Inventory report for multiple computer and export it out to excel and easily create Power BI or Pivot tables.

The process is very simple. First, select and PING / DISPLAY one or multiple computers.

Go to the ACTIONS tab and select the Computer Properties blade.

In the Computer Properties action blade, you have multiple common computer properties that you can choose from. For example CPU, RAM, Model, Serial Number, Etc.

Select the computer properties you would like on your report and click Add to a Sequence (so you can add additional actions) or Run Now to display the Information.

Note: MPA Tools first connects to a remote computer to gather the current data. If the remote computer is inaccessible, MPA Tools will then connect to the SCCM server to gather the requested information. You could use the “Load Properties from SCCM” option for skip connecting to remote computers and get data straight from SCCM (This could be the fastest choice).


TIP: Always check the Last Hardware Inventory Date on the SCCM client (this information is displayed in the Action Log – Action Column). Hardware Inventory could be old or missing completely! If you are missing data in SCCM you can still try and connect to the remote computer to collect the data. Just highlight the computer and rerun the task.
SCCM Custom Reporting