Professional Multi-Computer Windows Administration Tool

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.Net 4.7.1 is a must have prerequisite for My Ping App and SCCM connector

My Ping App

- Version -

Updated July 9th 2018

Working on version 5 to add more automation and flexibility to My Ping App

SCCM My Ping App Connector

- Version -

Updated: September 3rd 2018
Important installation step! please read here

What's new: Improved speed when working on hundreds of computers. Added Setting to Main page

Easy to Install

Signed with the trusted COMODO code-signing certificate. Very light executable. With straightforward installation process. Simple. And 39 days trial is an excellent way to get a feel for this tool!


Nothing to configure

My Ping App does not require any additional configurations. Provisioning certificates or deploying clients. Use it right after installation. Nothing else needed.


No clients to maintain

How many more clients can you put on your supported computers? Seriously, you don't need one more to maintain. My Ping App does not require any clients to be installed on remote computers to support them. However, this remote administration tool proved to be very handy to troubleshoot and fix other clients/agents such as SCCM, AV, SCOM, etc.

Simple to use

My Ping App is remarkably easy to use application that was designed by a Windows Systems Administrator with years of field experience. This utility is a collection of windows administrative tools that allow system engineers find solutions faster and fix issues quicker. Become familiar with it in no time.

All actions are performed using the administrator’s privilege level.

You can run multiple instances of My Ping App with different user accounts.


My Ping App helps

How many times were you asked to provide the number of computers in Active Directory? Or maybe find out when someone's computer got rebooted? Or maybe patched? And what was the reason? All these tasks are time-consuming and may not be straight forward. My Ping App designed by a Windows Systems Administrator who is facing those questions on a daily basis. It is the idea behind it to help reduce the amount of time spent on such tasks and find information faster.

My Ping App for everyone

You don't have to be System Administrator to use the software! This utility used by many asset managers, PM's, database administrators, application support and even quality assurance analysts. My Ping App is designed to be the tool that helps quickly find all the much-needed information about remote computer or computers.


Support teams productivity


Improvements in asset management


Decrease in issue resolution time


Environment with lesser stale computer objects